Today, I tried to define Happiness!

Had my moments! Many a times before,

Still couldn’t figure and failed to go for,

Cause its origin seemed anonymous!


Not ready, that fast I was, to give up,

Trust I had, a lot in my instincts setup!

Browsed back my moments from backup,

And asked – How I ended up into a happy Champ?


Something turned red to green inside!

The answer was annoying but bonafide!

Cause, the formula was always beside,

And I never knew! Only thing left out is to sigh!


Happiness, is nothing similar to a switch,

Very much like a healthy living being!

Our parts and organs functions without a glitch,

Thus we can tune to a healthy life, wellbeing!


Likewise life, Happiness too is a package!

Package of ‘The Process and Focus on the Process’!

Not ‘The Result and the Comparison of Results’!!!

Practice this mantra and see the red light turn green.


The best thing, I got from this formula –

Someone can feel happiness prior to the cause.

Because he who focuses on the process, will know,

The best is on its way, tomorrow, not if today!!



 29 January 2017





Note: Here I am mentioning about the affection towards my hostel roommates and the chemistry we had with each other. My roommates  were HARI (PICHA hari from ANDHRA), IMRAN PASHA and SREEJITH P.K. All the three are post-graduates in PHYSICS (2013-2015 Batch) and myself ATHUL MOHANAN(2014-16 Batch) was doing my post-graduation in CHEMISTRY during that  time. This was written on the day, my roomies vacated the room after the completion of their course.


The day i entered 5B,

Desperate, so much i was,

Oasis, for me, it was,

Last hope to stick on, it was!


Fevicol for me, they provided

Just i had to PASTE, myself,

Member i became, gradually,

Family we became, automatically.


There was a PICHA,

So was there a PASHA,

N’ Of course, there was P.K.

Later came the CHEMICAL, me,

To handle these PHYsiques!


Sometimes, indeed, SICK

i was, with these phySICKS threos!

Bond breaking, Bond making,

Happened frequently, within,

But still, the Equilibrium, was attained always!


All of a sudden, alone,

i was, the “Threos” Vanished!!

I too wanted to dissolve in,

But the Fevicol was still strong!!





1:02 AM 5/22/2015


Once upon a time, a fellow I met,

Package of stupid orchards, he was,

I liked him as my ideas synced his,

Add him, soon suggested Facebook,

Hence, upon a time, I made a soul mate.


Things went smooth, sarcastically,

And the friend-Ship cruised, smoothly,

Though timeline made it clear, not only,

Were we stupid, but also lazy lethargically,

Unbothered to service the friend-Ship, happily.


A concern for Captains, Soon became mileage,

Had to turn the ship off, so many a times,

But the journey seeped, ignoring the chokes,

Wreck was near, as we could feel the dotage,

Break-up, finally quenched our thirst for a solution.


Good riddance, I said before he could,

He anticipated what next, hence blocked

Me from Facebook, before I reminisced

With my sacred profanes on his household.

‘What a move!’ his Predecessors praised.


My nth isolated ice age arrived very next,

Hated it, but seemed a better Choice,

But not for long, kept little vestige as he left,

Courtesy to my super brain, nothing lasts

For long in there. Steered forward for the hext!


Once upon a time evolved to the present,

Still, the ice age, but never turned back,

Satisfaction compromised to astringent

Schedules, Difficult to figure out Monday

Or Sunday, But today’s interception was Aberrant!!


It was him, again! Add me, requested his F’book,

He apologized for the reason I forgot, my Brain

Still like before! I accepted, cause that seemed Best!

I know, he had other options, but me he preferred,

That’s what makes him a friend of mine, forever!!


4:43 PM, 3 Dec 2016



Until yesterday, i did not know,

Somebody could give us wings,

Could take our skills to the brims,

With the slightest of an applaud.


This guy, whom I didn’t know much,

Came from nowhere, gave a stitch,

“I like your works”! He said in brief!

That stitch in time, gave me a life!


Appreciation! It’s not just a valuation,

A button that can avoid the friction –

That pulls us down by others expectation!

Reply for degraders, a perfect retaliation!


It’s not as simple as it is, as he just did,

Guts we need, to value others good,

To observe and understand, how splendid,

It was!  Salute him for what he just did.


Now it’s our term and turn, to pass it on,

To those who are in need of this capsule!

If you find somebody, a lil unconfident,

A gentle push of appreciation is all they need!



3:46PM 30-Sep-16





Power, we see in youth

Future, secured with faith

Better, we feel with both,

Solution, at its best, the Youth


But, is that all enough?

With the expectations so high,

Revolutionists! Will they pass through?

Won’t the mute spectators mock them?


Medicine they need, Tolerance,

The reality, mindset for acceptance,

To listen, a strength for patience,

Tune these, it will be an ACE!!


If these combine, it will be smooth,

Surely, boost our confidence and strength,

Dream, for the best, till the last breath,

Youth will drive our nation to the Zenith!!



Raining it was, outside,

I was crying here inside,

When there was none aside,

Nature stood by my side,

But the pain was left behind!


The pain, it prickled hard,

To escape from the heart,

Painful it was, for the pain,

He acknowledged the truth,

But was a novice to this strain!


Hard truth, so cruel he is,

Seldom has he cared, for his,

Fellow beings, a lot, they suffer,

Being frank is what i too prefer,

Hardest thing will be, to recover!


The rain, magic by nature,

To clean the dust of air,

Here the tears, for the mind,

Trust in nature, she’s so kind,

For the support from behind!



8:50 PM 01-SEP-16



Tick, Tick, there she goes,

Quick, when we need her,

And slow, when we dont!

And she waits for none!

They say, she never stops!


But why? I wondered!

Why she’s being so cruel?

Is she, a prejudice, i wonder!

Or is she, taking the revenge?

Revenge!! Yes, but why?


At first, to help, she came

But, we wasted her! Used her

For our non-sense leisure,

Without understanding her value,

And, insulted her, down to hell!


Now the ball is in her court,

Revenge, for which she is back!

The hunger for her revenge,

Will spare nothing for us,

Tick, Tick, there she goes! Again!!



7:00 PM 21-Aug-2016

The End of an Era

It was only a matter of seconds,

To say that for her, but,

It felt like an end of an Era for me,

I melted, finally i realize,

The summer arrived, as i felt its heat,

It was the end of an era, for me!


Years back, she fumbled for words,

But today, it was my turn to do so,

I knew that the end of this era was near,

But today, if it didn’t come, i wish

But today, if it were a nightmare, i pray,

It was the end of an era, for me!


It hurts, the way she ended this era,

It pains, the ease with which she ended,

It kills, to know, I’m a junk,

The smile she had, washed me out,

I couldn’t say anything, but nothing,

It was an end of an era for me!